Things to Know About Modified Auto Insurance

There are many people who spend more time with their valued auto than they do with other people. These people have usually modified their auto in numerous ways depending on their specific interests. Modified auto owners spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars making their beloved auto the most special one on the road in their eyes. They get much gratification from this type of hobby even though they know that the more they specialize their vehicle the more the auto insurance will cost them if this vehicle is damaged in any way. But that doesn’t stop them.

Sometimes it is even hard to find an insurance company that will insure these types of vehicles even at higher rates. Most insurance coverage will recognize changes to the outside of an auto and will consider insuring them. They will also usually insure modifications to the in-car entertainment systems. The part of the modifications that seem to pose the most problems for modified auto owners is the engine modifications. When it comes to engine modifications that make an auto an extremely more powerful engine, tempting drivers to go faster on the road, some insurance company will not even consider offering quotes.

If small engine modifications are made you have a better change of procuring insurance for your modified auto; but, if you are a young driver you will not likely be able to find coverage for your high-powered modified auto with a lot of engine modifications simply to make your auto faster than anyone elses.

Determination of the amount of risk involved with the driver of a modified auto is decided on other factors also, including gender, income, the area where you live, your credit rating, your driving history to date, the amount of moving traffic violations you have received, etc.

There are two classes of modified autos. One is the “show” car which obviously would be a lesser risk as they are not usually driven on the road as much as a street auto. The insurance companies are usually more lenient regarding auto insurance rates for the show car for this reason alone. Also, they are usually stored to protect them and therefore not as likely to be stolen or damaged by vandals. This scores another point for the owner of a show car.

On the other hand, “street” cars are usually owned by a person who likes to show off his prized possession putting the auto at higher risk for accidents, theft, vandalism, etc. They are often driven in illegal street races, therefore their name of street cars. Also, because they are driven in these races there may be times when someone other than the owner would be driving the modified auto. The auto may not always be driven or kept in a safe place thereby putting it at even higher risk. These types of vehicles will always have high premiums but the owners live for the thrill of the ride and are not usually considering any costs if the auto is damaged in any way.

Owners of any type of modified vehicle will have to look harder for an insurance company that will insure them and charge the least amount possible for premiums but they can be found.

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